Lore of the Gem Stones

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Sardonyx is said to be able to bring happiness and order to a wearer’s life.  It is also said the stone may aid in strengthening the wearers belief in themselves and to aid in the development of  personal character by helping to improve both thinking and decision making efforts.

Sea Glass

Sea Glass, or Beach Glass is also known as “Mermaid’s Tears.”  It is formed by the action of ocean waves and sand on pieces of glass usually over many years.  It may be found in whatever colors you can find in glass.  Although technically not a gem stone as such, Sea Glass may invoke the peaceful calm of a remembered quiet walk on a warm, sandy beach in the sun, with a dear friend or cherished loved one.


Sodalite is purported to provide wisdom, clarity of thought as well as creativity.  It is also said to be a stone providing peace and harmony to the wearer.  There are those who say Sodalite may assist in balancing your mind, body and spirit while helping you find self acceptance and may help calm panic attacks.


Sunstone, like the sun from which it gets its’ name, has been said to dissolve the irrational fears that may be preventing you from reaching your goals.  The stone may lift dark moods, by helping you to focus on pursuing the passions and drives that light up your soul.  Sunstone is said to encourage action by improving your “I can do it” attitude.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye is said to be a stone projecting courage, power and protection.  These properties may help you restore equilibrium in your life.  Being a stone associated by many with health and vitality Tiger’s Eye may aid you to regain your self worth by helping you reduce self criticism.

Tiger's Eye, Blue

Blue Tiger’s Eye has been said to be the perfect stone for improving your self worth and reducing or stopping any negative self criticism.  It is also purported to be able to provide stability and inner calm to its wearers thus aiding in reducing stress.  Blue Tiger’s Eye is also said to bring increase patience and open mindedness.

Tiger's Eye, Red

Red Tiger’s Eye has been termed a stone of passion and stimulation.  It has been said to have the ability to assist in reigniting your passion for creative projects.  Red Tiger’s Eye has been known as the stone to use when you need your motivation recharged.  It may also help to calm your mind and release your anxieties.

Tourmaline, Black

Black Tourmaline is known as a powerful grounding stone that may help you deal with issues that can seem overwhelming.  It is also said to have protective properties helping to protect you from harm whether emotional, physical or spiritual.  Black Tourmaline may also help you stay in the here and now.

Tourmaline, Green

Green Tourmaline is purported to have the ability to help you appreciate the wonders of life all around you.  It may also help you be thankful for all of your learning and experiences.  Green Tourmaline is said to be a stimulus for your creativity while allowing you to have a sense of happiness and contentment.

Tourmaline, Pink

Pink Tourmaline has been said to be a stone of healing, particularly emotional healing.  It has also been said to have the property of aiding in self forgiveness by releasing anger and resentments.  It is also purported to have the ability to connect you to wisdom and passion and is therefore also known as a stone of love while promoting peace and relaxation. 

Tourmaline, Purple

Purple or Violet Tourmaline is said to be stone of strong healing properties.  It is said to be able to heal the body, mind and spirit.  It may also aid in promoting positive energies thus aiding in the reduction of depression and even helping to increase creativity.

Tourmaline, Watermelon

Watermelon Tourmaline is a stone with the purported ability to provide patience by helping to balance your strengths and weaknesses.  It may also provide a sense of inspiration as well as motivation to reach for your goals thus helping to reduce any feelings of depression and provide a level of healing for your emotional pain.


Turquoise is said to be able to bring a sense of comfort to your spirit while providing support for your physical body.  It may do this by seeming to remind you that it is possible for you to find a state of relaxation even when you are surrounded by chaos.  Turquoise is also purported to be able to provide centering and harmony for your energies while providing peace of mind and encouraging your creativity.


Unakite has been said to be a stone that promotes harmony by bringing into balance your various energies.  It is purported to provide a sense of nurturing while helping to conquer feelings of being overwhelmed.  Unakite may also help you concentrate on your strengths and weaknesses.

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