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“All of the Earth To Body Jewelry in our store is hand-crafted requiring anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete.


We hope you will feel at home as you browse our Jewelry Store and that you will find a piece that speaks to you as each piece speaks to us as we create it.”


While you are here, please take a few moments to scroll through our fascinating sections on Gemstone Lore. 

Earth to Body Jewelry started in 2010 when our founding artist Deb first began making jewelry by stringing beads together.  A short time after that she began to study and practice the art of wire wrapping natural gem stones and creating what are essentially unique, one of a kind pieces of jewelry.  Since that time she has continued her self-learning which allows her to continue adding more beautiful and intricate patterns to Earth to Body jewelry. 

Di made her first pieces of jewelry in 2016 joining Deb in the creation of the beautiful pieces you can see on our web site and at the many craft shows Earth to Body Jewelry has been shown at.

Adding to the beauty of the gem stones purchased from a variety of dealers, Deb and Di have added Sea Glass, also known as Mermaid’s Tears, they have collected over the years while walking the beaches of Southern New Jersey.

Recently Deb has begun to branch out and is now mastering the art of using Aussie Metal Clay to add to the variety of jewelry offerings you will find available on our web site and at our showings.

Thank you for stopping by our web site.  We sincerely hope you find something that appeals to you.  Please check back often as we are showcasing new pieces frequently.

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