Lore of the Gem Stones

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Peridot is said to be a stone associated with new beginnings, encouraging you to let go of behaviors that no longer serve you.  Peridot also is said to bring confidence and even bravery allowing you to speak with truth and kindness.  This stone encourages you to be positive and it is believed to be a stone for that will help heal emotions and promote harmony within relationships.

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is known as being symbolic of the power of time.  It is said to bring you strength, vitality and courage when adversity comes.  Because Petrified Wood was formed by nature over many years it can remind you that your own life can be transformed through the power of time.  It can also serve you by reminding you of the awesome beauty and power of nature.


Prehnite is a stone that is said to be able to help promote peacefulness and calmness while enhancing the openness of your mind.  While improving your mind the stone is also said to have the ability to aid in your emotional response to new thoughts and ideas while improving your intuition.


Quartz is one of the most common stones found around the world.  There are many varieties of Quartz.  One reference lists twenty eight different varieties.  The differences between the varieties of Quartz are mostly in the appearance of the stones.  But it may be said that in general all members of the Quartz family offer many common properties thus making Quartz the most potent of all the stones.  Some of these shared properties include, the ability to assist in gaining deeper understanding of yourself, helping to alleviate the effects of stress and improving cognitive ability.   

Below are a few of the many varieties of Quartz with the properties that each is said to offer aside from the common properties of all Quartz stones.

Quartz, Rose

Rose Quartz is said to encourage your feelings of warmth, happiness and compassion.  Being a stone of unconditional love Rose Quartz may also aid you in discovering how to love yourself.  Rose Quartz is also said to be a source of love, emotional healing as well as a sense of trust and hope.

Quartz, Rutilated

Rutilated Quartz is purported to be a stone that may encourage creativity and originality while it increases your will power and motivation.  You may find that it will aid in easing your feelings of guilt and loneliness as it assists you in getting to the real reasons for problems that may be affecting your mind, body and spirit.  Rutilated Quartz has also been said to help relieve stress while bringing happiness to your relationships.

Quartz, Smokey

 Smokey Quartz is said to provide a connection to the earth through its qualities of soil, and clay allowing you to be re-strengthened from the ground up.  It is said that because of this earth connection the wearers own connection to the physical world around them will be improved. 

Quartz, Tourmalinated

Tourmalinated Quartz brings together the properties of Quartz and Tourmaline.  It is said to be a potent stone for protection deflecting negative energies.  It is also purported to be able to aid in breaking down blockages in your mental, emotional or spiritual life.  Tourmalinated Quartz may also bring good luck to your daily life while encouraging you to keep on moving ahead.


Rhodochrosite has been known as “The Stone of the Compassionate Heart.”  This property has been said to aid not just in loving others but yourself as well aiding you in recognizing your full potential.  It may also help you conquer stress by helping you to start over with a clean slate when you need to.  Along with these properties it may also help you to the joy and playfulness in your life.


Rhodonite is said to be able to clarity and confidence to your decision making while helping to remove any hesitation you may feel.  The stone has also been said to help find balance and harmony in life as it increases your confidence and reduces stress.


Rhyolite is a stone that is said to aid the wearer to find a deeper and more complete understanding of themselves.  It is also said to help you find inner strength and achieve a level of happiness.  It may serve to remind you to take time for yourself providing a fresh spark of creative energy as you go after your goals.

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