Lore of the Gem Stones

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Bloodstone has a unique appearance.  The red spots on top of a dark green core, symbolize the act of spiritual transformation.  The stone will increase your determination to stay true to yourself, giving you the insight to know when to retreat from and when to move forward to confront danger.  From this comes the strength and courage to work through whatever decisions you make.

Calcite, Blue

Blue Calcite is a stone of healing, recovery and communication.  Therefore, Blue Calcite can help you to speak more clearly, and feel less shy, especially if you often get put on the spot or struggle to find the words to articulate your ideas and emotions.  It is a transformative stone that can help reduce stress levels.

Calcite, Orange

Orange Calcite is best known as the stone of creativity.  It will get your energy moving so that you can develop something innovative.  It is an excellent stone to that will help to balance your emotions and help you release feelings of fear and anxiety all the while discovering a deeper meaning for your experiences leading to an increase in  confidence and motivation.  

Calcite, Yellow

Yellow Calcite is a stone that can help you believe in yourself by increasing your self-esteem.  It will give you the courage to do what you know must be done.  It will bring you favorable results in pursuits that you are really passionate about and endeavors that you are truly committed to.  It can enhance your overall physical energy in a gentle manner and increase your strength and vitality. It can heal your sorrow and grief, and even lift you out of your depression.


Carnelian is a stabilizing stone that will give you courage and help you discover your hidden talents by awakening your curiosity.  Whenever you feel like giving up, whenever you feel like you’re not the right person for a given job, always remember Carnelian is a stone of power, ambition, courage, motivation and inspiration!

Chalcedony, Natural
Chalcedony, Polished

Chalcedony brings the mind, body, and spirit into alignment and harmony, aiding in your personal growth, joy and kindness.  Chalcedony encourages a stable mind as it inspires you to use your imagination and personal insights when you start a new project .  Chalcedony also promotes generosity and benevolence towards others and also brings emotional honesty to your interactions with other people.


Chrysoprase is an extremely useful stone for improving emotional health by promoting forgiveness of yourself and others.   It also helps you to increase your empathy, self-growth as well as self-love.  Chrysoprase promotes joy and kindness, so you can reach out to nature’s joys more effectively.


Copper allows you to reach physical and emotional alignment, thus resulting in clear thinking and helping to reduce any aggressive tendencies you may have.  Copper is used to promote good health and create calm and balance in your life and in your home, further providing love, and artistic creativity.  Even in the most difficult times, Copper provides the strength and endurance to maintain a sense of hopefulness for a better tomorrow.

Coral, Red

Red Coral is known as a stone of peace and transformation supporting you while you go through a period of transformative change.  Coral will aid you in doing away with out of control emotions while assisting you in controlling your anger and frustration.  Coral is also said to be a powerful attractor for love, prosperity, peace and inner strength.

Diamond, Natural
Diamond, Faceted

Diamonds are believed to bring improvement to the wearer’s life. Specifically the stone may bring clarity of thought. This clarity is manifested in clear, positive decisions while increasing inner strength. Diamonds can increase energy, and improve your environment.  The stone is also believed to increase your  strength, power and courage, while improving your creativity, and imagination.  It can bring you increased feelings of self-respect and bring pure love to your relationships.  The stone will help you follow your dreams as you find your destiny.  Overall, diamonds are believed to bring calm and inner peace, encouraging overall positive mental attitude.


Fluorite is said to be able to allow you to more actively use both sides of your brain allowing your brain to function at full capacity.  With this ability the stone may allow you to access thoughts and ideas that have seemingly been trapped in your mind.  This will allow your creativity to bloom. Fluorite is a stone that can balance your emotions as well as protecting against stress.

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