Lore of the Gem Stones

G to J

Garnet, Natural
Garnet, Faceted

Garnet is a stone that can improve feelings of passion and joy while energizing you.  The Garnet can make you more confident in your artistic, self-expressive  activities.  This stone can help you find your emotional center during tumultuous times in your life by giving you the confidence to get on with your life without fear or excessive caution.  Garnet is the stone to have when you are feeling stressed out because it will support your courage and strength.

Hawk's Eye

Hawk’s Eye is a form of Tiger’s Eye.  It is a stone used for protection that also clears and energizes.  These properties will allow you to reach new heights while keeping you grounded and focused.

Hematite, Natural
Hematite, Polished

Hematite is a stone that helps you to bring balance to both the spiritual body and the physical body, thus assisting you to find your the point of equilibrium and balance.  Hematite is a nurturing stone that also helps to support your hopes and dreams.


Howlite is a stone often associated with bringing a sense of peace and as well as clarity to your mind.  Its distinctive black lines on the white stone are a sign that the mind is still focused and not shut off.  The appearance of Howlite have led to it also being known as the Snow Leopard Stone because of the similarity to the fur of that beautiful wild cat of Asia.  Howlite is also a powerful calming stone thus it can aid you in eliminating anxiety and stress from your life.


Jade is a stone believed to bring tranquility to the spirit and calm wisdom to the mind.   These properties help make Jade an important influence for business ventures.  These same energies can help you make the best decisions concerning your personal finances.  Jade will bring you luck in love as well as in other areas of your life. 


Jasper is a fairly common stone found all over the world.  There are many varieties of Jasper.  One reference lists twenty different varieties.  The differences between the kinds of Jasper are mostly in the appearance of the stones.  Generally all members of the Jasper family offer many properties and all Jaspers share these properties as well as having specific properties of their own.  Some of the shared properties include, the ability to confer patience and understanding on anyone who wears or carries it.  Jasper is also a nurturing stone able to  bring comfort and reassurance as well as internal feelings of optimism and freedom from fear.  

Here are a few of the many varieties of Jasper.

Jasper, Brecciated

Brecciated Jasper is said to be a protective stone, particularly  emphasizing protection for travelers.

Jasper, Desert

Desert Jasper has been said to help increase your creativity, energy and your strength also.

Jasper, Fancy

Fancy Jasper is a stone said to provide clarity, healing and tranquility.

Jasper, Green

Green Jasper has been said to have the ability to provide balance, encouragement and acceptance.

Jasper, Ocean

Ocean Jasper has been traditionally associated with the legends of Atlantis.  Among its properties, it has been said to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Jasper, Picasso

Picasso Jasper is a stone many feel can be used to increase your creativity, will power and self-discipline.

Jasper, Polychrome

Polychrome Jasper is a stone said to provide a sense of exuberance, a feeling of vitality  as well as a feeling of vibrancy.

Jasper, Peanut Wood

Peanut Wood Jasper is said to aid you in being prepared for the unexpected.  It may also make it easy to feel enthusiastic and alive.

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