E105 – Here are a pair of earrings with Rutilated Quartz and Copper discs on hypo-allergenic Copper ear wire.



Experience spiritual growth, clarity, and manifestation with these handcrafted earrings. Two Rutilated Quartz beads, 6mm and 8mm, and two Copper discs, 2mm by 4mm each, adorn hypo-allergenic Copper ear wires for added sophistication.

Rutilated Quartz is said to enhance spirituality, while Copper grounds and heals. These materials combine to create a unique accessory that may connect the wearer to the earth’s energy.  The earrings’ beautiful patterns add to their visual appeal, making them both stylish and spiritually significant.

Incorporate the beauty and energy of natural materials into your daily life or spiritual practice with these perfect earrings.

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