N133 – A 24 inch necklace with a Petoskey stone or fossilized coral as the centerpiece.



This exciting 24-inch necklace showcases a stunning 19x48mm piece of fossilized coral, also known as a Petoskey stone. The gray suede cord and custom AMC button closure provide a secure and comfortable fit.

The necklace features Cappuccino Jasper beads with grounding and stabilizing properties, and 8mm faceted Rutilated Quartz beads that amplify energy and promote mental clarity.  It is also adorned with Labradorite beads, known for enhancing intuition and spiritual awareness, and Copper discs, believed to bring balance to body and mind.

Experience the beauty and potential spiritual benefits of grounding, stability, intuition, balance, and mental clarity with this exquisite handmade necklace.

Elevate your style and energy with this captivating piece.

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